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Case Packers


The Acclaim® Case Packer can handle a wide range of products, including thermoformed trays and cartons. It can orient the products for your desired case pattern by either tipping or not tipping the collated products via changeover. This robust system is servo driven and is a high efficiency solution for your end-of-line packaging needs.

Acclaim Reverse Flow Case Packer


The Acclaim® Reverse Flow Case Packer is capable of running both RSC and HSC display cases. This machine is equipped with wrong-way carton detection which automatically drops misaligned cartons through without resulting in a stop. This machine also features an extended case blank magazine, a servo-driven downstacker, pack pattern flexibility, and a small footprint.


The Aspire® packaging cell is designed to run with minimal operator involvement. The large case magazine capacity and dual palletizing stations allow enough buffer time to let one operator be responsible for up to five of these machines.

INSPIRE™ L-Slot Case Packer

The Inspire™ Case Packer features a small foot print with speeds up to 30 cases per min. This system is equipped with a servo collation system, independent loading robots, and integrated product sensing to eliminate a need for a separate checkweigher to verify full cases.


The Maksimal® Top Load Case Packer is a perfect solution for packaging a variety of bagged products. With many options for bag style and orientation (alternated, upright, flat, etc.) and with speeds up to 25 cases (or 200 pouches) per minute, it is an excellent option for your end-of-line automation solution.

Aagard can design and manufacture a solution to meet your case packing requirements.


  • Competitive price

  • Simplified operation

  • Versatile capabilities

  • Modular design

  • Low maintenance

  • Flexible


In addition to case packaging and palletizing retail cartons in one integrated combination system, Aagard includes a bypass for club cartons directly through the Case Packer. Aagard’s inline bypass eliminates the traditional method of adding transfers and conveyors for club cartons around the Case Packer and back to the Palletizer.


The palletizing operation is capable of creating billboard style cube patterns for end-of-aisle displays at club stores in addition to traditional case cube patterns.


  • Automatic slip and tier sheet dispensers

  • Integrated case printing

  • Reduced floor space requirements

  • Tested and shipped as one integrated unit

  • Simple changeover

  • Reduced installation and startup timelines

  • Guaranteed efficiencies