High Speed
Knock Down

Acclaim® High Speed Case Packer

The Acclaim® Knock Down Case Packer can handle a wide range of products, including thermoformed trays, cups, and cartons. It can orient the products for your desired case pattern by either tipping or not tipping the collated products via changeover. This robust system is servo driven and is a high-efficiency solution for your end-of-line packaging needs.


  • Up to 310 products per minute or 30 cases per minute

  • Small footprint utilizing only two stations to minimize floor space

  • Variety of product types (cartons, cups, thermoformed trays, etc.)

  • Nordson Pro Blue adhesive system

  • Incline infeed conveyor with VFD gapping belts

  • Robust robotic case setup and powered case magazine

  • Servo driven stack handling system with containment for stack stability, which can be tipped or not tipped based on case orientation

  • Racecar down stacker system with servo spatula for positive carton or tray placement

  • Pivoting funnels inserted beyond case score lines to guide products past case corners

  • Combination funnel-tucker to eliminate tuck station

  • Servo driven case compression with squaring devices

  • Open flap detection with automatic reject

  • Case tip module to gently orient case onto flaps prior to discharge


Aagard at heart is an engineering company.

Our team of inventive problem-solvers runs

towards challenges.

We thrive on creating the EXACT SOLUTION for our customers, helping them win. 

Universal Features:
  • Integrated controls (1 recipe for multiple unit operations)

  • CAT 3 safety with locking guard doors

  • Single button start/stop

  • Intuitive HMI with on screen diagnostics and troubleshooting

    • Electronic manual with photos and training information

  • Machine documentation includes 3D searchable PDF of machine model

    • OEM part numbers provided for purchase parts.

  • Open flap detection

  • Low material sensing

  • Aagard design principles

    • No humans get hurt

    • The machine cannot damage itself

    • 30 second recovery from 99% of machine stops

    • All motions are as smooth and slow as reasonably possible

    • Maintain control of product – don’t play catch and release

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