Combination Solutions

Custom Built to Meet Your Needs

While delivering excellent stand-alone equipment, Aagard's combination systems are truly unique. These integrated packaging systems significantly increase overall line efficiency and reduce installation time and cost, required line labor, and utility cost.


Our team of sales engineers will work with your specific requirements to build a combination secondary packaging line that fits your layout. Aagard’s combination systems often reduce overall line footprints by over 50% when compared to traditional lines with multiple packaging machines.

Aagard’s Combination Systems offer:


  • Ease of project management (single source)

  • Lower utility cost, both at install and ongoing

  • Floor space reductions

  • Reduced installation times

  • Reduced line labor

  • Efficiency gains

  • Improved ongoing support due to a single OEM service call for multiple unit operations


Integration of other components (ie: laser coding, bar code scanning, labeling, printing) are obtainable options.



reduce installation time and cost, line labor, and utility costs
Universal Features:
  • Integrated controls (1 recipe for multiple unit operations)

  • CAT 3 safety with locking guard doors

  • Single-button start/stop

  • Intuitive HMI with on-screen diagnostics and troubleshooting

    • Electronic manual with photos and training information

  • Machine documentation includes 3D searchable PDF of machine model

    • OEM part numbers provided for purchase parts.

  • Open flap detection

  • Low material sensing

  • Aagard design principles

    • No humans get hurt

    • The machine cannot damage itself

    • 30-second recovery from 99% of machine stops

    • All motions are as smooth and slow as reasonably possible

    • Maintain control of product – don’t play catch and release

wrap around cartoner  knockdown case packer
conveyor cartoner case packer