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At Aagard, sustainability is ingrained in our commitment to crafting purpose-built packaging automation solutions. We recognize sustainability as a responsibility and a strategic imperative for our customers' success.


We approach sustainability holistically, from materials sourcing to packaging design and automation processes. Our systems are engineered to accommodate diverse materials, including recycled materials, paper, single substrates, and bio-plastics, without compromising efficiency or performance.

Aagard's design philosophy revolves around optimizing space, maximizing capability, and minimizing waste. Through innovative technologies and meticulous attention to detail, we prioritize smooth and controlled motion in our automation solutions, ensuring maximum product safety and minimal material usage. Our utilization of low-energy drives and streamlined machine designs minimize energy consumption while maximizing productivity. We significantly reduce shipping and environmental impact by integrating our robotics and producing 98% of our parts.


Aagard's commitment to sustainability extends beyond design principles. We continuously strive to improve energy consumption on packaging equipment, partnering with our customers and suppliers to drive material and process enhancements. Our solutions empower the workforce through advanced features such as diagnostic lighting, Rapid LaunchTM, Rapid LearningTM, and enhanced Human-Machine Interface (HMI) capabilities.


 We recycle test product materials, rework, and minimize material waste during fabrication processes. Over 90% of our waste is recycled, and we have implemented initiatives such as 24/7 remote support and wastewater conservation to reduce our environmental footprint further. Aagard integrates numerous energy-saving features, including lighting systems, cutting-edge HVAC technology,  promoting a paperless environment and have a zero water runoff site. 


We believe in helping our customers succeed by providing tailored solutions that optimize space, capability, and economic efficiency. Through innovations like Rapid LaunchTM, we streamline setup processes and reduce the need for costly retrofits or new line installations, ultimately driving cost savings and operational efficiency.


At Aagard, we recognize the importance of social development and community engagement. We actively collaborate with educational institutions, mentor students, and provide internship opportunities to nurture the workforce of tomorrow. Our commitment to giving back extends to community initiatives such as blood drives, road clean-ups, and food drives, fostering a culture of compassion and corporate citizenship.


We are committed to advancing environmental sustainability, social development, and governance practices. Our primary goals include enhancing our community, providing educational opportunities, and fostering sustainable economic growth for our customers and team.


From our culture of giving to our focus on water conservation and energy efficiency, Aagard is committed to sustainability. We aim to support a more sustainable future for all by embracing innovation, collaboration, and responsible stewardship.

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