Choose the Package that Fits

Aagard's unique Wrap Around Sleevers help you create a two-for-one shelf presentation that leverages the visual effect of the primary product package and a Wrap Around Sleeve. Visually highlight the consumed product in its primary package as well as a paperboard sleeve that presents label graphics, product features, and use instructions.


Aagard Sleevers are designed to secure a flat, die-cut paperboard sleeve around a variety of products in patterns that include stacked, double inverted, loose, with or without divider or layer pads. Sleeves provide shelf impact and material savings vs. cartoned product.


Incoming products can be delivered in balanced or unbalanced lanes, randomly or back-to-back are collated in a variety of ways depending on product type and package design.


Shelf Ready Impact
Universal Features:
  • Integrated controls (1 recipe for multiple unit operations)

  • CAT 3 safety with locking guard doors

  • Single button start/stop

  • Intuitive HMI with on screen diagnostics and troubleshooting

    • Electronic manual with photos and training information

  • Machine documentation includes 3D searchable PDF of machine model

    • OEM part numbers provided for purchase parts.

  • Open flap detection

  • Low material sensing

  • Aagard design principles

    • No humans get hurt

    • The machine cannot damage itself

    • 30 second recovery from 99% of machine stops

    • All motions are as smooth and slow as reasonably possible

    • Maintain control of product – don’t play catch and release

wrap around sleever and case packer

Wrap Around Sleever and Case Packer

Key Features:
  • Nema 4X Stainless steel washdown construction throughout

  • Intermittent motion operation with multiple sleeves per cycle allows high throughput with a small footprint and slow gentle cycle rate

  • Multiple case magazine lanes allow significant capacity is small space

  • Vacuum belt sleeve advance allows for flexibility in sleeve design while maintaining positive handling

  • Dual gantry cup robots allow simultaneous picking from the infeed conveyors with integrated stacking during transfer into sleeves

  • Perpendicular transfers and servo powered sleeve forming devices allow for a squarely formed sleeve with much tighter wrap than traditional inline sleevers

  • Extensive recovery features like automatic sleeve replacement for minimal downtime and operator intervention

  • Integrated case pack pattern collation simplifies case packer infeed

  • Flexible case packer allows multiple case format (wrap-around, harness, or tray) on the same machine via a changeover

  • Dual case compression stations allow for full-overlap flaps where desired

  • Open flap detection for sleeves and cases

wrap around sleever

Wrap Around Sleever

Key Features:
  • Integrated sensing for too-large or out of position products to prevent product jams

  • 2 station QC/reject checkpoints to detect missing sleeves, missing product, open manufacture's flap, end flaps or mis-tucked flaps

  • Assemblies are mounted on adjustment screw to be easily opened up for maintenance access or jam clearing

  • Flat blank material allows for significant material cost savings as well as 2-3 times longer run-time for the same magazine length compared to pre-glued

  • Electronic locking guard doors for safety and to minimize accidental triggers of the E-stop circuit

  • Full height poly-carbonate doors for visibility and machine access that features tool-less removal/installation in increased access if needed

  • Distributed Ethernet-based I/O which reduces the length of wires, number of wire terminations, and the number of wires going back to the main panel

  • Three independent PanelView HMI' for machine information and control from around the machine

  • Integrated of Nordson Hot Melt system with fulfill which automatically feeds the tank when needed

  • Changeover time estimated 30 minutes or less for the entire machine

  • Tool-less one-handed bucket change out and change part storage cart