Indexing Flighted Formation
Case Type Flexibility
Small Footprint

Inspire™  Wrap Around Case Packer

The InspireTM Wrap Around Case Packer features a small footprint along with an ergonomic design with speed up to 30 cases per minute. Show here with L-slot case configuration has proven flexibility to handle your case type.


  • Turn-key secondary packaging system with one integrated control package

  • Rockwell Guard Logix safety PLC system

  • Integrated check weighing and x-ray with independent rejects

  • Integrated vision sensing for 2D barcodes or other inspection with automatic reject

  • Servo collation system to buffer products in flights on correct pitch

  • Independent loading robots alternate loading cycles, picking from the first available lane in the same station

  • Allows single load station with high case cycle rates

  • Uses indexing flight forming section, sealing the case after products loaded

  • Integrated product sensing in case eliminates the need for separate Checkweigher to verify full cases

  • Automatic reject for short cases, open flaps, or other reject conditions

  • Integrated case labeling


Aagard at heart is an engineering company.

Our team of inventive problem-solvers runs

towards challenges.

We thrive on creating the EXACT SOLUTION for our customers, helping them win. 

  • Integrated controls 

  • CAT 3 safety with locking guard doors

  • Single button start/stop

  • Intuitive HMI with on screen diagnostics

  • Machine documentation includes 3D searchable PDF of machine model

  • Open flap detection

  • Low material sensing

  • Aagard design principles

    • No humans get hurt

    • The machine cannot damage itself

    • 30 second recovery from 99% of machine stops

    • All motions are as smooth and slow as reasonably possible

    • Maintain control of product – don’t play catch and release

Universal Features:
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