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The Acclaim® Reverse Flow Case Packer is capable of running both RSC and HSC display cases. This machine is equipped with wrong-way carton detection, which automatically drops misaligned cartons through without resulting in a stop. This machine also features an extended case blank magazine, a servo-driven down stacker, pack pattern flexibility, and a small footprint.


  • RSC, HSC display, or short flap

  • Positive carton collation system loads case directly, or tips stack 90 degrees before loading.

  • Cases loaded through the top or bottom, then tipped upright either direction.

  • High speed 90-degree transfer on infeed (more positive than inline turning methods)

  • Gantry robot case setup with arc setup motion to positively open cases

  • Vacuum cups secure the bottom major flaps while the upper major flaps are secured with rails to prevent jams due to out-of-spec manufacture flaps or warped cases

  • Funnels insert beyond the case scoreline to prevent cartons from snagging case corners, then retract before pivoting closed

  • Combination funnel-tucker allows case packer to have just 2 stations (load and compression)

  • Case squaring devices in compression station for maximum case squareness

  • Tip/reject module designed to gently tip cases upright onto their flaps or reject cases out of the side of the machine for quality control or open flaps

  • Rockwell controls platform with primary servo-driven operations allowing for high performance and optimized motion

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