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The Aspire® Case Packer is designed to run with minimal operator involvement. The large case magazine capacity and dual palletizing stations allow enough buffer time to let one operator be responsible for up to five of these machines.

  • Three-axes gantry device sets up cases and palletizes completed cases from the previous cycle with an optimized motion to maximize machine performance and longevity.

  • Servo-powered case shuttle advances cases through loading, flap closing, and sealing stations for complete motion control.

  • Two axes funnel prevents loading jams.

  • Flap closing devices ensure the case is closed squarely and an integrated open flap detection and taper verification ensure the quality of each case.

  • Dual cell palletizing allows for the first pallet to be removed while the second is being built without interrupting the packaging process.

  • Telescoping infeed conveyor allows continuous flow while someone passes through the line.

  • Speeds of up to 4.25 cases per minute for the base design

  • Increased speeds of up to 8 cases per minute with dedicated case picking devices

  • Up to 40-60 cartons per minute dependent on pack pattern (limited by case rate)

  • Slow, controlled motion with positive case closing devices (no plows)

  • The gantry device rotates and positions cases individually for complete flexibility in pallet patterns.

  • This machine features a category 3 safety system, including locking guard doors that are only open once the machine is in a safe condition. Three separate light curtains protect the operator at each interface point while swapping pallets or replenishing the case magazine.

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