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We have the know-how you need.

Flexible Ammunition Packaging Solutions

Package rifle and pistol rounds on the same machine!

Aagard provides machine solutions that are flexible for a wide range of calibers, both pistol and rifle which features tool-less changeover with optional verification devices in under 30 minutes. THese systems are equipped with a user-friendly HMI with diagnostics and the machine manual on board, including OEM part numbers for easy look-up. Aagard's extensive F.A.T. and S.A.T. testing is proven with a lengthy testing phase focusing not only on normal run, but especially on machine recovery. This structured testing process enables us to deliver consistent performance and ensure the system is production ready upon arrival to your facility for a fast, vertical startup.

Tray Loading
  • Automatically sorts and orients cartridges from bulk

  • Loads cartridges into plastic trays either bullet up or bullet down

  • Modular speeds of 200-3000 cartridges per minute

  • Integrated cartridge inspection available for head stamp, missing primer, or missing cartridge in tray with built-in reject station

  • Tray collation with option of tipping for flexible pack patterns

  • Horizontal power fed magazine for flat or pre-glued cartons

  • Speeds up to 50 cartons per minute

  • Integrated options available for printing, bar code scanning, open flap detection, carton inverting for trajectory chart printing, small conveyors for QC check, or bypass.

Case Packing with Palletizer
  • Alternates cartons for bullet orientation

  • Carton collation or tipping for flexible pack patterns

  • Vertical case magazine

  • Flat blank or pre-glued cases

  • Speeds up to 10 cases per minute

  • Integrated options available for automatic check weigher, case printing, labeling, or bar code scanning

Why buy an Aagard
  • Safety and machine up time

  • Built to Category 3 safety standards.  

  • Locking guard doors further protect operators and allow for controlled stops for all devices

  • Tailored 15” color touch screen HMI

  • Changeover images of your specific machine

  • Machine manual, electrical prints, and training documents on HMI

  • Password protected access levels (configurable)

  • Total project success

  • Custom designs built to customer project specifications utilizing proven Aagard modules

  • Extensive testing at Aagard prior to machine shipment

  • Aagard executes our own internal FAT one  week prior to customer demonstration to ensure a successful and efficient FAT and vertical startup

  • 24/7 service support

  • Eight-hour labor discount off of training/preventative maintenance field service within six months of machine startup

  • Ninety (90) days free 24/7 remote technical support on products that meet classification A on the Products & Package Specification Chart