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Packaging Solutions

Combination Solutions

While delivering excellent stand-alone equipment, Aagard’s Combination Systems are truly unique. These integrated packaging systems significantly increase overall line efficiency and reduce installation time and cost, required line labor, and utility costs.

Case Packers

Aagard’s Case Packers are available for many types of products from cartons, cups, pouches, bags etc. Depending on your need they can be gravity, pick and place, wrap around, vision guided robots, and more. These high performance packaging systems are made-to-fit your requirements and support integrated equipment, to meet your operational goals.



An Aagard Cartoner is designed and manufactured to each customer’s application requirements. Our patented Wrap Around Cartoners are designed to run flat carton blanks and integrate the side seam gluing function. This option can offer significant material savings and increase production efficiency.

Customized Solutions

Aagard is an innovative packaging equipment manufacturer specializing in custom-built systems including Cartoners, Case Packers, Palletizers, Sleevers, Retort Loaders/Unloaders, and Combination Systems. Find your exact solution optimized for space and capability.



Aagard’s unique Wrap Around Sleevers help you create a two-for-one shelf presentation that leverages the visual effect of the primary product package and a Wrap Around Sleeve. You can visually highlight the consumed product in its primary package as well as a paperboard sleeve that presents label graphics, product features and use instructions.



Aagard’s wide variety of Palletizers range from small Semi-Automatic Dual-Cell Palletizing to fully automated systems with pallet, slip, tier sheet dispensers and stretch wrapping.