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How Can A New Operator Be Successful Day 1?

In today's industrial landscape, workforce challenges such as shortages, lack of experience, and retention can significantly impact productivity, operational efficiencies, safety, and overall culture. At Aagard, we understand the importance of equipping new operators with the tools and knowledge they need to succeed from day one. That's why we have embraced the concept of Rapid Learning™, offering a better, simpler, and faster user experience for operating and maintaining packaging automation systems. The result is that Aagard has the best running machines in the plant (when you look at the data) and the favorite machines in the plant (when you ask your team)!

equipping operators with tools and knowledge to excel
Rapid Learning™-Empowering Operators from Day 1

Enhanced User Experience

Through our extensive collaboration with customers and a deep understanding of their workforce challenges, we have developed innovative solutions to streamline the learning process. Our powerful Rockwell HMI is the central hub, providing operators easy access to customized training videos, inspection information, machine operation data, machine models, and tools. Compared to offline or peripheral tools (that often do not get used!), this intuitive system ensures that operators have digestible knowledge and on-demand support right at their fingertips, enabling them to navigate the packaging automation system efficiently.

Simplified Operations and Maintenence

Aagard's commitment to simplifying machine operation, changeover, new product setups, and maintenance is unwavering. With our expertise in engineering and building turnkey secondary packaging lines, we create highly optimized systems that integrate multiple operations controlled by a single HMI. This comprehensive approach minimizes complexity and reduces the learning curve for operators, allowing them to adapt to different processes and tasks swiftly.

Automated Features and Support

We have successfully introduced monitored and automatic changeover, diagnostic lighting, custom training videos, and integrated device support to enhance operational efficiency further. These automated features expedite changeover processes and provide real-time feedback and diagnostics to operators, enabling them to address issues promptly and minimize downtime. Combining technology with comprehensive training materials empowers operators to troubleshoot and resolve challenges confidently.

Making operators successful on day 1
Overcoming Workforce Challenges

Rapid Learning™

At Aagard, we understand the importance of agility and adaptability in a dynamic production environment. Our Rapid Launch™ feature allows operators to swiftly set up new product configurations in minutes without extensive retrofits or reprogramming. Size-specific change parts have been replaced with adjustable components, ensuring you have what you need to adapt to new formats. The machine calculates the new recipe settings based on a handful of inputs and automatically pushes out to all the electronic changeover indicators. These devices make learning changeovers a breeze (turn the red lights green and match the numbers). They will prevent starting the machine if all adjustments are not in the correct position, instructing the operator which needs correcting before proceeding. This innovative technology enables quick adaptation to changing market demands, allowing businesses to launch new products in a fraction of the time traditionally required.


Rapid Learning™ lies at the core of our commitment to supporting operators and overcoming workforce challenges in the packaging automation industry. We empower operators to excel from day one through our user-friendly Rockwell HMI, comprehensive training materials, and advanced automation features. With simplified operations, automated support, and the ability to swiftly adapt to new product configurations, Aagard continues to pave the way for enhanced productivity, improved efficiencies, and a thriving operational culture.


Making Changeover Awesome!

Aagard recognizes that changeover processes can be time-consuming and labor-intensive, impacting productivity and overall efficiency. We are committed to revolutionizing changeover experiences and making them awesome for operators.

With our focus on simplifying machine operation, Aagard has developed innovative solutions to streamline changeover processes. We leverage advanced automation technologies to enable monitored and automatic changeovers, reducing manual interventions and minimizing downtime. By automating critical steps and leveraging intelligent algorithms, changeovers become seamless and swift, allowing operators to transition easily between different products or formats.

Focus on improving the changeover process for automated packaging machines
Siko counters support precise and fast changeovers.

Aagard understands the importance of providing operators with the right tools and setup aids to facilitate smooth changeovers. We invest in intelligent machine technologies that offer precise alignment, quick adjustments, and intuitive interfaces. These tools are designed to optimize changeover efficiency, allowing operators to make accurate adjustments in a fraction of the time typically required. By providing operators with the tools they need to succeed, we empower them to confidently take charge of changeover processes.

At Aagard, we believe in continuous improvement and knowledge sharing. We actively collaborate with our customers, continually gathering feedback and insights to enhance changeover processes. We harness this knowledge to refine our systems, develop new technologies, and optimize changeover procedures, ensuring our customers always have access to the latest advancements that make changeovers awesome.

Our dedication drives Aagard's commitment to making changeover awesome empowering operators, and maximizing OEE. Through streamlined changeover processes, intelligent machines, user-friendly interfaces, and a focus on continuous improvement, we aim to revolutionize how changeovers are performed. By reducing downtime and simplifying transitions between products or formats, Aagard enables operators to excel in their roles and contributes to a seamless and productive operational environment.


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AAGARD is an engineering company that builds custom packaging automation systems since 1997. Our team of inventive problem-solvers utilizes our innovative expertise and proven technologies to create the exact solution our customers need to win. While many of our customers come to us looking for a case packer, through an iterative design process, we discover the need for an integrated combination packaging system. The solution is a turnkey packaging automation machine that is optimized for both space and future capabilities.


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