knock down cartoner


  • NEMA 4X Stainless steel washdown construction throughout

  • Product stack height sensing in the bucket with automatic reject for incorrect stack heights

  • No product-no carton

  • Combination overhead confiner-loader mechanism

    • Allows entire cartoner to be extremely narrow footprint (44”)

    • Ensures stack fit within carton while preventing pouches from sliding under loader with unique pusher/

    • Powered lift mechanism for automatic height adjustment and access for maintenance or jam clearing

  • Pivoting overhead carton rails to allow access

  • Floating compression pucks allow for consistent sealing pressure and forgiveness for changeover settings or carton variations.

  • Open flap detection with automatic reject

  • Integrated carton laser printer

knock down cartoner


  • Cup orientation belts turn all cups so that the tab is correctly located before the timing screws.

  • Timing screws maintain cup orientation and position on correct pitch

  • 3 axis gantry robot picks cups out of screws and progressively stacks 2 or 3 layers into article buckets

  • Cartons erected into continuous motion flights

    • Belts are utilized throughout the machine to eliminate the adverse effect of chain stretch.

  • Overhead barrel-cam loader minimizes machine width

    • Easily adjusts up for maintenance access

  • Integrated sensing detects the product and ensures cartons are correctly formed before loading.

    • Automatically rejects if cups are missing or the carton is missing

  • Integrated laser printer for date code

  • Carton cycle-stop flap closer


  • Integrated controls (1 recipe for multiple unit operations)

  • CAT 3 safety with locking guard doors

  • Single-button start/stop

  • Intuitive HMI with on-screen diagnostics and troubleshooting

    • Electronic manual with photos and training information

  • Machine documentation includes a 3D searchable PDF of the machine model

    • OEM part numbers are provided for purchase parts.

  • Open flap detection

  • Low material sensing

  • Aagard design principles

    • No humans get hurt

    • The machine cannot damage itself

    • 30-second recovery from 99% of machine stops

    • All motions are as smooth and slow as reasonably possible

    • Maintain control of product – don’t play catch and release