Creating the EXACT

Packaging Automation Solution

Customized Solutions

Designed for Optimum Performance

The design process starts with a detailed engineering definition and planning phase including detailed timing charts per SKU as well as 3D design reviews with your team.  We carefully consider possible failure modes and develop mitigation techniques to ensure maximum “production capability” is achieved on every project.  Our engineering team uses proven machine units (encompassing mechanical, electrical and control design) as building blocks that can be uniquely combined to create a customized machine for optimum performance, capability, or floor space considerations while eliminating much of the risk traditionally associated with new development.

Risk Mitigation

For projects that require more development, our team often works with our customers to identify any open risk areas at the beginning of the project.  Aagard is an engineering-driven company with the capability to quickly design, build, and test a prototype device, operation, or even an entire infeed or collation system.  Our vertical integration of engineering, fabrication, and assembly using a print-free 3D CAD system allows for efficient design modifications, often getting new parts ready in as little as one hour.  This capability allows us to build and test any risk areas on the equipment months ahead of testing the production system, ensuring overall project success and schedule are maintained, even on a customized machine.

Planning is Proven

Planning is proven with a lengthy testing phase focusing not only on a normal run but especially on machine recovery (automatic startup from most stoppages in 30 seconds with minimal intervention).  Each machine is proven with a complete internal FAT process one full week prior to the customer FAT.  This structured testing process enables us to deliver consistent performance and ensure the system is production-ready upon arrival at your facility for a fast, vertical startup.

Why buy an Aagard
  • Safety and Machine Uptime

  • Built to Category 3 safety standards.  

    • Locking guard doors further protect operators and allow for controlled stops for all devices

  • Tailored 15” Color Touch Screen HMI

    • Changeover images of your specific machine

    • Machine manual, electrical prints, and training documents on HMI

    • Password-protected access levels (configurable)

  • Total project success

  • Custom designs built to customer project specifications utilizing proven Aagard modules

  • Extensive testing at Aagard prior to machine shipment

    • Aagard executes our own Internal FAT one week prior to customer demonstration to ensure a successful and efficient FAT and vertical startup.

  • Service

    • Eight-hour labor discount off of training/preventative maintenance field service within six months of machine startup

    • Ninety (90) days free 24/7 remote technical support on products that meet classification A on the Products & Package Specification Chart